Quick Start

Welcome! If you want to learn more about using Quartermaster, you’ve come to the right place. Quartermaster is the easiest way for you to manage your yacht, the maintenance for your yacht's systems, documentation, manuals, and crew. This quick start article will help you learn the basics so you can get going.

Your yachts, their systems, and the maintenance, work records, and manuals around those systems are organized clearly in Quartermaster. As owner or captain you can create an account based on your email address or Facebook identity, add yachts to your fleet, connect your crew to give them access to your yachts, create tasks, mark them completed, and upload documentation and maintenance records like notes or photos. As professional captain, you can also keep your owners up to date with the work records on their yacht. Create your Quartermaster account and get started with the steps below.

Get started in 3 easy steps:

1. Configure your yacht

The first time you sign into your account, you are prompted to pick the type of your yacht: Sail, Powerboat or Tender, its name, manufacturer and model.
Now let's complete more details: click on "Yachts" in the top menu to navigate to the list of yachts. Click on "Change" in the Photo column to pick a profile photo: make sure you pick a photo that you can easily recognize so that you can easily toggle between your vessels through the top left drop-down later.
Check the type, name, manufacturer and model to ensure they are accurate and make any changes by clicking on the "Edit" button all the way to the right of your Yacht's info:
Any additional information about your yacht, like the hull number or Coastguard or State Documentation numbers can be added as a custom system on your Dashboard, as below.
Then click on the gear button to configure your dashboard(s). Here you can edit your current dashboard image that will be used as a template for your dashboard. This can be your yacht's schematic or a simpler image that can be used as a canvas to view your systems.
You can also create multiple levels for your dashboard, one for each level of your yacht by clicking on the add button at the top of the page to add a new dashboard level.
To add people or 'crew' to your yacht, click on the crew list button to navigate to the Crew page where you can add other users who will be able to access your account.

2. Add systems to your yacht's dashboard

Click on "Dashboard" on your top level menu to navigate to your main Dashboard page. If you have multiple yachts in your account, make sure the right one is selected in the top left drop-down. Click on the gear button to start adding and editing systems. You might already have some systems that were automatically added to your dashboard as pre-configured examples, or systems that you or your captain have already added.
You can drag and drop systems by holding a click on the orange bubble and dragging the mouse to the position desired. When finished, click on the save button.

Another way to add or edit systems is to click on "Systems" on your top level menu and use the add button to add systems to your yacht. Once you added your systems, you can use the Action buttons in the right column of the list to add log entries , create new schedules for maintenance items, add files as well as edit details and remove your systems.

3. Create a maintenance schedule for each system

Once you have added your systems, it is important to capture the desired schedule of maintenance so that we can remind you and your crew of upcoming work. We will automatically create tasks as the due date gets closer. You can create recurring or one-time schedules. Click on the bell button to navigate to your list of schedules, then click on the add button to add each work schedule.
You can also create historical logs for your work from the Systems list to have past and future entries available on any device going forward.

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